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Window Coverings Association of Australia Incorporated
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Why use a WCAA Member

Each applicant is carefully screened prior to being granted membership and members of the Window Coverings Association of Australia Inc adhere to the following:

  • Assure you of industry standard and ethics in manufacturing, supply and installation of your window coverings
  • Pride themselves on credible business practices and sincere after sales service
  • Believe that window coverings and furnishings need to be aesthetically fashionable, practical and maintain a high standard of longevity
  • Are independent business operators who have built up their industry credibility by creating goods driven by industry standards, rather than being dictated by price

Our speciality of course is the consultation, manufacturing, delivery and installation of window products, both internal and external, however we are also actively involved in the policing of our standards within the industry by offering an independent inspection service in the case of any product related disputes between members, non members and customers. Contact your local state office for terms and conditions.

Why use a WCAA Member