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Vic/QLD Membership Application


$  50.00
Agencies - per state
Educational Establishment
Hardware Wholesaler/Manufacturer
Hardware & Fitter
State Wholesaler
Fabric Wholesaler/Manufacturer
Related Industry Member
Soft Furnishings Workroom
State Retail Outlet $100.00
National Wholesaler $550.00
Multi store Membership 1-5 outlets $450.00
Multi store Membership 5-10 outlets $675.00


Dear Colleague,

By becoming a member of the Window Coverings Association on Australia Inc. you will be a part of an organisation of like-minded practitioners, who are striving to promote their individual businesses as well as the health and welfare of our industry.  Your membership conveys to others your professionalism in the way you conduct your business, in its profile, its dealings with the public and wholesalers and in the way you take pride in supplying good quality window coverings and excellent after sales service. Holding a membership in the WCAA allows you to offer your customers a point of difference.  It also provides you with opportunities to network with other businessmen and women who also hold their professionalism in high esteem and who want to make a difference in this highly competitive market

Please complete the Membership Application Form below and we will contact you immediately with further details of our Membership process. 

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Membership Policy

Members of The Window Coverings Association of Australia work collectively to maintain the following.

- Assure customers of industry standards and Ethics in manufacturing, supply and installation of window coverings.
- Pride themselves on credible business practices and sincere after sales service.
- Believe that window coverings need to be aesthetically fashionable, practical and maintain a high standard of longevity.
- Have built their industry credibility by creating goods driven by industry standards, rather than being dictated by price.

The Window Coverings Association of Australia reserves the right to cancel and/or expel membership if any of the above criteria is breached.

Please Note: An applicant must agree to the WCAA Code of Ethics, satisfy the Membership Criteria, gain approval from the State Association Committee and pay the required membership fee before they
are recognised as a Register Member for the current financial year.


Vic/QLD Membership Application