About Us

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The WCAA is an industry incorporated association made up of five State Associations.  The National Committee is comprised of two delegates from each State Association with an elected National President, Treasurer and Secretary


When you visit a Window Coverings Association of Australia (WCAA) member's shop or showroom you know you are receiving a high standard of service.

All members of the WCAA, from designers and crafts people to sales staff and consultants, are dedicated to providing the highest standard in material, design, manufacture and reliability.

If you are on a limited budget, WCAA members can help you to achieve the look you desire at a price you can afford.

Visit WCAA retail shops in your State to receive the best advice on colours and fabrics. They are promoting a concept; you are not just purchasing blinds, curtains, bedspreads etc. You will be shown a colour coordinated plan of how to decorate your home and be assured that the products are both practical and functional.

Ask about their obligation free service which can include lending fabric samples for in-home fabric selection. Many retailers will offer a measure and quotation service for your home or office.

Some WCAA retailers are happy to advise you on suitable fabrics and treatments should you prefer to make your own drapes.

To help you clean and maintain your drapes, WCAA members attach a care label into each curtain, bedspread, pelmet, cushion etc.

All members abide by the purposes and rules set out in the WCAA Association Rules as well as their own State Association Rules.

About Our Members

For more than 20 years the WCAA has been promoting quality in manufacturing of window coverings. It was originally established to encourage "mainstream" curtain manufacturers (those who operated out of an official business premises and not from home) to promote excellence in workmanship and has grown to incorporate manufacturers of other window covering products.

Originally the Association was established in some states and known as the Curtain Manufacturing Association. Over the next few years, state associations were set up across Australia. During the early years, it was realised that the Association needed full industry support from both retailers and suppliers, and the name was later changed to the Curtain Industry Association (CIA).


In 1983 a National Body was formed and three years later a National Office was established. Currently, a National Committee is in place, with the Secretary located in Melbourne.

Our History

During the mid-eighties the industry began to recognise that blinds formed an important part of window treatments and came to the conclusion that the Association was about the "treatment" of windows, internally and externally.


Its name changed to the Soft Furnishings Industry Association of Australia in 1993 and the Association expanded to include a wide variety of internal and external blinds, awnings and shutters as well as the traditional curtains. 

In 2008 the Association took the step of renaming itself as the Window Coverings Association of Australia Incorporated to reflect its wide membership and its dedication to helping inform consumers about the window coverings industry as a whole.  


Today you can recognise a current member by making sure they display their up to date WCAA logo.

Membership Criteria

Code Of Ethics

Must be a Registered Business (ABN and/or ACN).

Must be earning a livelihood by manufacturing/selling custom made internal or external window coverings, soft furnishings, window covering fabrics or other related items.

Must comply with the WCAA Code of Ethics and maintain WCAA Standards of quality and professionalism.

Must have an investment in tools of trade to maintain a professional standard (samples, machines, tools etc.).

WCAA proudly supports Australian custom made products by Australian workers in Australian conditions to Australian standards

To Serve my customers by fostering a reputation for honesty and integrity.


To Exhibit the highest degree of professionalism and competency as required by our industry.


To Improve my knowledge of the Window Coverings industry and promote the aims of the Association to all who come into contact with my business.


To Abide by the rules and regulations of the Association as set out from time to time.

To read the Association Rules, click here.