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Window Covering Association of Australia
Benefits of WCAA Membership:
  • Help to increase business by generating customer confidence because the customer understands they are dealing with a reputable company that stands by its quality and services

  • Give you a license to use the WCAA endorsed logo and name on all promotional materials including letterhead, business cards, website and advertising

  • Provide you with a range of WCAA promotional point of sale products to assist your business e.g. brochures, posters,window decals etc

  • Include you in national and state marketing initiatives that promote to consumers the benefits of using a WCAA member

  • List your business details on the website, with a direct link to you own website. This is an increasingly popular method for customers to find local accredited outlets

  • Access to Member's only area on the website where you can look up Minutes, Association Rules, be involved in the Member's Forum, find out about State meetings and events and source wholesalers​

  • Provide you with updates and newsletters on new products and tools designed to assist industry practitioners and the latest developments, issues, and events relevant to your business

  • Provide easy access to and industry discounted prices on WCAA Care Labels

  • Help to regenerate interest in and facilitate the development of training programs aimed at encouraging younger people into the industry

  • Give you industry representation in consumer affairs and other influential government and industry bodies if required

  • Provide you with opportunities to network with like-minded people and experts in the industry

Go to your State for application form and information on memberships fees.


For National memberships please go to the State where your Head Office is located for further information.

Download our WCAA Members Benefits Brochure below:
WCAA Member Benefits Brochure 2019.png

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